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My Non-Profit: The First Steps

October 15, 2018

I will start by writing a business plan as the most obvious step I need to take. To start with the business plan, I need an outline. Outlines are an efficient way to manage your ideas. There are several people I need to talk to such as my peer counselor, my psychiatrist, and any social workers I would happen to know. I need to make sure this concept of starting a shelter for people with disabilities who are escaping domestic violence has to be worked on. I need to do something about my situation, stepping well outside my comfort zone.

Something about my financial situation has to change, as I’m way too comfortable being low income. My knee is still not bending all the way but it is better. My non-profit is quite an idea, a shared workspace for disabled/chronically ill people who want to work from home, as well as a shelter. I have a potential business partner in a friend of mine who might be able to help me put this thing together. Non-profits need to raise money as bad as the next person who needs seed money for businesses. I already am swimming in my business ideas. I’m going to have to go to entrepreneur mixers, which I dread since mania makes me talk to the wrong people. I have to maintain my shy veneer.

I need to interview disabled people to make sure I figure out what their needs are. This involves interviewing my friends who can shed light on what resources they need. People who have disabilities and are trying to escape their families do not have many resources, in particular, their ability to make money. Some families question their ability to make money, and I know mine didn’t let me start working to support myself until I was 18. I was forced to go to junior college for way too long, and I eventually managed to transfer my units, taking only 3 years to finish my B.A. in creative writing. It took me 10 more years after that to get stable. How long was I unstable and alcoholic? That interfered with my schooling. As well as my higher brain function, because it is a little known fact that alcohol, not medication, can cause brain damage. I’m finally resolving my sleep problems given that I have slept a lot today from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. waking up to 7:00 a.m. as my final wake-up time. I will eventually get this non-profit out there.

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