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I’m straight with people about my disability. Unlike the rest of you.

October 17, 2018

I’m straighter than the average person. As in, I do not manufacture lies about how great I am, then mislead people deliberately or play mind games on them. I’m not exactly into mind games, manipulation, or controlling people through brainwashing. No, you don’t see my mental illness symptoms. There is a reason I dump people out of the blue and this is because the person who I dumped came to see me while not taking her medication, which counts as endangering myself. She was constantly needy, calling me up a lot, and not taking responsibility for her behavior by lying to her mother about taking her medication in my presence.

I dump people like that who spawn an entire Udemy course on personal responsibility. This is inherently a pagan value I might add. Personal responsibility, taking responsibility for all your actions, something my biological family is low on. Why choose me for your needy crap? Why not your other friends that you act cool and stable around? How come you don’t use a medication minder? You only take your meds when you feel like it. That one time I skipped my meds while on vacation you gave me shit about that. But when you do it, you expect leniency, which you will not get from me. You were the one who used to know your meds. Added to that, in high school, you were mean to somebody who has not a mean bone in her body and who cannot respond in kind just like me. I’m disgusted by your behavior. It wasn’t right to come to see me while not taking your medication. That’s endangering my health. Unfortunately we can never be friends again because of this. When you dump loser, maybe. But well, I’m just plain done with sloppy people who have no discipline.

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