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Schizophrenics and Trance Channeling

October 25, 2018

I’m very out about my disability, sure. But there are others out there who face stigma from the psychic community in general for having mental health diagnosis and actual talent. If you have a mental illness, as well as an ability to trance channel, you have to be very careful with what you let through. Taking medication becomes that much more important. Any being that wants to come through has to be screened properly. Some beings claiming to be extraterrestrials from the Pleaides are pretty much conning you because not every E.T. will come through for you. Some entities do not have higher ideals in mind when they are busy trance channeling. Don’t just follow blindly what comes in when you trance channel.

Just going to a channeler doesn’t help because they could be messing with you. Don’t put blind faith into trance channelers, that’s unreasonable. As a telepath, I keep it deathly secret who I talk to because I don’t want to alarm anybody, I need more support than I’m getting from a support system since mine imploded when I had to dump the Ex-boyfriend and ex-friend. Channeling is not a new invention but it is something us schizophrenics should be wary of. I’ve taken on a godform, from the Feri Tradition, I forget who and if someone could remind me that would be great. As a telepath that makes me a competent channeler but I do not dare channel just anything that comes through. If you have schizophrenia and are a channeler, you can get stuck in the multi-dimensions. That can lead to psychosis. Not fun. You can’t just wind up hospitalized while letting a god inhabit you. Who is going to explain that one to a psych ward? Nobody. I’ve managed to stay out of that scenario for 17 years since I first started medication at 20.

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