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Psychic Ability Demonstrations

October 24, 2018

I have all these supernormal human talents that need to be shown to people and yet I’m shy and hide out in my condo all the time. I have to go to India, China, Tibet, and Japan to learn more about how to control it with experienced teachers. China has secret schools. This tip I got from a Chip Coffey book I read. I know I want to study yoga, pressure points, and martial arts. I would like to be able to break bricks. The thing is, I want to do presentation for children’s hospitals that include gymnastics and martial arts weapons although this has to wait until my knee gets better.

Yes, I’m 37, and I still want to learn gymnastics because I have never had the opportunity growing up. I need to be able to be my own stunt person. I need more help than I have with this, but my knee injury arose in 2016 from dislocating my left knee altogether, resulting in stiffness. I had also fractured my tibia in like one day. Yes, March 7th, 2016 did suck, as one bad day in a history of better days prior to my injury. I was about to start working, a normal job, and I was contemplating getting off of the low-income dole.

I’d have to demonstrate spoon bending, telekinesis, and how I change the composition of precious stones. Eventually everything I will learn will go into the demonstrations. I would make it by paper invitation only so as to keep participation to a minimum, to make sure it stays secret. I’m not quite ready to be out yet. But see, I have this blog, so I’m partially out. I need proper training for trance mediumship and mediumship in general without stigma because I take medication. I have a lot of trouble finding competent mentors who know why I need medication in order to function.

Adding to my disability is the fact that I’m shy when not manic, talkative when manic, and I have to take medication to be able to keep my mouth shut. I get embarrassed just mentioning my abilities but I did suck it up and said something to my current therapist about it. I practically showed her my phone, which I keep in my bag just to make sure that when Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb come back they keep their paws off of it. Dee has a history of throwing my stuff out. But anyway, yes, I plan on eventually doing demonstrations about my abilities.

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