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Why It Took Me 10 Years to Get Stable

October 23, 2018

I started drinking at 18 much to the delight of my family. I have since quit drinking. I have decided not to go to Thanksgiving because people will be drinking. Yes, I’m avoiding them. All of them. I’m protesting the fact that people aren’t on meds and that I’m not getting my law degree. I’m fed up with not having enough money to survive off of as I’m very low income on SSI. I had a doctor tell me to stay put on SSI for life while I told her not to speak to me as though she was calling me someone who would be a bum without SSI. Oh gee, hmm, didn’t need to hear that when she said it.

I have since decided to tell people what she said because I dumped her as a doctor. I found myself another doctor who is more open about me getting off of SSI. It took me way too long to quit drinking from 2002-2010, even as far back as 2001. I quit drinking booze in 2010, flat out, just quit. My family was floored, but at least I’m able to admit I have a problem, and even back then I was looking at myself although it wasn’t until 2007 that I decided to stop drinking altogether. So yes, I could have spent that time after 2007 getting a law degree but since my family refused to pay for it, I was stuck an alcoholic not doing much of relevance in those years other than writing. I have interests in business though, entrepreneurship that started to get worked on in 2012, while I was beginning my journey into sobriety. With my health problems, I shouldn’t be drinking, period. I eventually did stop.

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