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My Communications With Deity

October 22, 2018

I don’t need to have a near-death experience to explore other dimensions, worlds, or alternate universes. All traversing the universes is done inside the time-traveler’s head. You can’t physically go from one universe to the other so far as I understand it although when I can go to Tibet I might be taught differently. I’m able to talk to Deity of all kinds in my head, from anywhere. Deity can be anything, the energy permeating all things which Star Wars calls “The Force.” This “force” goes by many names such as prana, chi, and more. Chi keeps your body working.

Chi is what gives your life, actual life, and what keeps you existing. Deity can harness this chi to help you function. Death results from the lowering of chi or at the very least not being in harmony with your chi. Deity exists all over the world, going by many names. The sentiment “all gods and goddesses are one,” comes from Wicca and it is something I personally, believe. Cyndi Dale calls Deity, “the Divine,” because Deity is accessible to anybody who asks except atheists who have shut this ability down. Gods are everywhere, and life forms such as fairies, demons, and angels, all live on this planet to serve humanity.

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