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Near Death Experiences

October 21, 2018

I saw the rose garden and I saw the water park where children go before they pass. In 1991, I was 10 years old in a diabetic coma when I was dying. I was very ill from untreated type 1-diabetes. I don’t know if it was my doctor’s fault I wasn’t diagnosed or perhaps somebody was misleading them. I do not blame my doctor for this situation, because I think he tried although my diabetes wasn’t taken seriously by some people but not by my doctor at the time. I regret that certain diagnosis made people not pay attention to my pre-diabetes.

Somehow my talents helped me survive. My anxiety revolving around type-1 diabetes is what has stayed stuck in my energy field for many years. I’m still wounded from the fact that nobody cared about my situation. There was that hamburger diet. Diabetes was used as a way to control me. My NDE involved being in a room full of many Gods, and my own Catholic deities as well, who introduced me to the other Gods. I’ve been back from the dead a few times. There is something after death, you are in another dimension, a dimension of the mind. This stuff really does exist as I’ve read books on Near Death Experiences.

Diabetic coma was something that simply happened for me. I was near death and I came back from the dead when I saw my grandma who told me it wasn’t my time yet. It was hard on my family to be put through this. I manage my illnesses well because I do not want to be a burden on anybody. I try to have a life outside of my type 1-diabetes and other disabilities. You have to remember that my hypothyroidism was not treated until I was 20 by my adult endocrinologist at the time. I had to sift through many a doctor until I found my current.

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