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I haven’t passed out in 12 years.

October 20, 2018

Since 2006 when I passed out for the first time in my life, I have yet to pass out again. I have managed to survive 12 more years not being in school, without passing out. While I was in Chile, in 2006, the Ferengi decided to taunt me with “Take more insulin!” This phrase was repeated until I did it, which is why I passed out in the first place. I had a near death experience where every God in the universe rescued me and revived me. This is why I have to get away from the Ferengi this Thanksgiving somehow. I’m done putting up with their untreated crap. I’m asking my Facebook page if there is a way to help me escape. I found a Buddhist monastery that lets people stay for free right now. The gods have answered my prayers.

But anyway, Chilean marmalade doesn’t have that much sugar in it. You see, when I passed out, every God in the universe helped me heal myself. I was revived. Some Ferengi had the nerve to get mad at me for passing out when that’s playing blame the victim since they taunted me into taking more insulin. This is why I need to get the fuck away from them because Mom is perpetually unstable. If I get away from my family, I can keep my meds to 120 mg. If I stay put, I have to increase my meds. Damn it. I’m just plain getting away. I can’t risk being manipulated into sabotaging myself. So I’m going to hide in that monastery because I need to be safe. A friend of mine will be relieved I found something. Real people have empathy, and I feel safe around them although I find it difficult to feel safe anywhere as I’m always paranoid. But anyway, yes, I passed out and nobody thought to blame the perpetrators, as my dad is a Munchausen by proxy colluder. Okay, so I found a place to escape.

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