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My Energy Boundary Problems

October 19, 2018

I’m the mule, the healer and the vampire victim. What troubles me the most is that I heal people too much. I’ve been busy sending pain back to the Ferengi (my parents) so they deal with it on their own rather than the opposite. They pretty much deserve it since I’m busy healing them way too much. Healing other people has gotten to become something that I need to stop myself from doing. I’m busy working on not taking other people’s work on myself, not letting them feed off of me out of the goodness of my heart, and healing them non-stop because of my empathy. I have found a way to heal myself very well using the energy of the Divine.

The Goddess doesn’t want me to suffer. I know the Ferengi’s untreated Munchausen by Proxy will want me to suffer. But the thing is, I won’t be around to suffer willingly. This is why I need somebody to help me out to get away from them. The Goddess prefers I take my medication. The best offering to all the gods is to take my medication daily. I’m working on healing my energy boundary issues. I feel way too responsible for the Ferengi’s needs. I have to take responsibility for my own needs.

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