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Why I Need to Manage My Abilities Using Medication

October 27, 2018

If the picture of my doorknob is any indication, I have to keep my abilities under control. The second I go out of control, I get hurt or somebody else gets hurt. Mania can leave the victim with a lot to apologize for. This is why one of my Ex-friends is on ignore. Endangering my health with her mania is not cool. I mean she didn’t have much else to talk about except her now-husband. She is not to contact me, period. She deliberately skipped her medication as her roommate sought to inform me over Facebook. My medication keeps me stable.

The bottom-line for the rest of my community, is that I need my medication. Strong life or death emotional fear triggers both my telekinesis as well as my psychokinesis. It is a rush of energy, and then suddenly something bends or moves. Yes, some people wonder why I don’t have a roommate because I want to live by myself. My roommate would have to live with me manifesting my abilities all the time. This is stressful enough on me living by myself. Why should I subject someone else to that?

I live by myself for a reason. My medication taking helps me cope with all kinds of things including stress. It is the only way I can keep myself under control as I have many sorts of anxiety problems, most of which have vanished or are in control because I take my medication. Nobody needs someone with my skill set to be out of control. This why people in the psychic community at large are dumb and stigmatize me for taking medication. I need no further stigma so this is your last warning. I walk away from groups that choose to tell me taking medication can damage you.

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