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I’ve never been to the hospital

November 1, 2018

There were many years I couldn’t get myself a proper diagnosis with elements in my family trying to stop me. While I was in college, I got off meds for a half semester, then got back on the meds, Abilify, which made me just barely stable. It took me a while to figure out the right sort of medication to be on. It was when I bucked up and saw a proper psychiatrist I got an appropriate diagnosis. I have truly never been hospitalized in the psych ward or for any other reason. I’ve had plenty of ER trips but no real hospitalizations. Let’s see if this holds.

I’ve indeed, managed to stay medication consistent since my 20s. This has kept me out of the hospital. I was denied treatment in high school. I’m relieved I got treatment by now, and am able to make my own decisions relevant to my health as I was ruled competent. Yes, it is other people who do not take their medication consistently that need to be ruled incompetent. Competency means you can put your pill in your mouth and swallow, following directions and taking your medication as prescribed. Certain people used to know how to do this but then she got brainwashed into not believing she needs meds. Now that can never happen to me, because anybody who tries will get sued.

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