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My Self-Confidence

October 30, 2018

When you deal with constant meanness, it can take a huge plunge. Living by myself has only made me trust myself more when it comes to giving people shit as necessary. I win all confrontations when I’m giving somebody shit anyway. Nobody wins confrontations with me because I give them shit and they can’t just go tell somebody about it. I can argue people under the table. This does make me a tad intimidating to many who should encounter me. I’m not to be messed with. Cyndi Dale in her book, The Intuition Guidebook, talks about how the innocent shall not be harmed. Well, I’ve been an innocent who has been harmed. If this violates a universal law, then okay. This is why I’m taking financial reparations from all bullies, past and present. In the present, I deal with far less confrontational people though. I’m actually not as surrounded by bullies as I once was. So if anybody meets that description and wants to donate to my non-profit, feel free.

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