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Sociopathy and Narcissism

October 29, 2018

Narcissism is on the sociopathy spectrum and sociopathy is a narcissistic trait to have. Narcissism becomes evident in childhood. Narcissistic people have an entitlement complex because they feel that they can do whatever they want. Narcissistic people are very much into their own life. They have trouble paying attention to other people. Narcissists value self-importance, not humility or getting along with others. Fighting with people is a narcissists’ source of narcissistic supply. Narcissistic people care only about themselves, and nobody else. They are very much specific to that. Normal people marvel at how easily they hurt somebody else’s feelings.

In addition, narcissist have little to no remorse. Narcissists have traits such as grandiose tendencies that amplify when the narc is successful. But when a narcissist is less than successful, when they fail at something like wanting to sabotage someone else to make sure they do not succeed, narcs are deprived of attention-getting status. A sociopath style such as narcissism is all about the narcissist, not the other person. Narcissists are never wrong about anything until something drastic happens to them because their victim refuses to put up with their narcissism. What narcs do not understand is that feelings are not always facts. Facts need to be looked at in a dispassionate manner.

Narcissists are all around self-centered. Histrionic personality people have narcissism, borderline people are in cluster B, and narcissism is just plain old narcissism. Narcissistic people an also be psychopathic, which means that they have no feelings towards themselves or anybody else. Some narcissistic people want love from their families but don’t get it. Narcissist parents however, excel at making their children feel like they will never succeed and that they are no-good failures. Narcissistic people can’t stand it when their grandiose perceptions as well as their self-importance doesn’t survive the scrutiny. They have trouble taking their humble pie because of the arrogance their over-all personality is laced with. This is why narcissist don’t deserve friends and are best dumped.

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