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Many Different Kinds of Pity

November 5, 2018

There are a few different kinds of pity, such as self-pity, pity for others, and denying your need for pity. Self-pity is otherwise known as feeling sorry for yourself. It means that you are knee deep in, shit this sucks, I can’t do it, I’m pissed off, I’m not going to succeed, and on and on. Part of coping with your feelings involves admitting you have them. If you cannot see your feelings for what they are, you cannot get your head out of your ass. If somebody accuses you of wanting pity, they are gaslighting you if you know you’ve been positive as happened to me in high school.

With determination, I survived high school being as untreated as I was. It takes effort to not crack up when you are not on medication. It is exhausting to put up a front that nobody can find fault with. In some ways, I have never been allowed to feel my feelings my whole life, as if having feelings is a bad thing. Having feelings is not necessarily a bad thing. I can experience a full range of emotion. Girls who get angry directly are called lesbians in high school as somebody dared call me that. I gave him shit many times for many reasons. So yes, I’m in general, not into feeling sorry for myself or asking other people for pity. There you go.

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