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Don’t Feel Sorry For Me Because I Have A Disability

November 7, 2018

I felt a strong need to vote yesterday so I did that. Then I got home from therapy wiped out so I didn’t find the strength to do all my writing. I’m just stating up front that pitying somebody for stuff they cannot control like their disability, is useless. It just is. Disability just is. It exists, it is in your face, you cannot do anything about it. The NAMI person tried to tell me not to check my blood sugar in front of people because she was ignorant. I am not going back to NAMI again except to become a peer-to-peer counselor with a stipend.

I don’t see why some people feel the need to call disabled people a retard when not every disability would cause that. Seriously, do not piss off somebody with repressed violence problems or maybe I’m picking up those strong emotions from my family, as so happens to somebody with my brand of psychic talent. My skill set is formidable at any rate. That outweighs my disability in the pagan community where people do not care so much. I’ve increased my ability to give people shit in the last two years where I haven’t doubted myself as much. When you doubt yourself with the need to give people shit, you do not succeed at it.

I’m an expert on giving people shit if they look at my disability as a negative, something to pity me for, or something that means I’m going to die eventually. Shut up about it, I’m going to live to be an old woman. I want to exceed my supposed lifespan limitations. I will not die at 69 or later, I’m going to be around. I want to see what happens to this planet of ours.

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