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Disabled People Do Not Ask for Pity When They Discuss Their Disability

November 10, 2018

Just look at Lady Gaga discussing her anxiety and depression out in the open. I’m waiting for the same chance to do that about my schizophrenia. When a disabled person talks about their disability, they are trying to educate you, not ask you for pity. There is so much ignorance out there from people who do not understand at all, and they are the sorts of people that think blood pressure is the same thing as blood sugar. Some of those ignorant people just don’t have a basic high school biology education among other things.

When somebody discusses their pain, it means they need to be understood, not told, “Oh you want pity.” In high school, the person who did this to me pretty much got away with it, but I didn’t notice that she’d get depressed easily over little things and want attention for it. An old friend admitted this one once when I asked. I had totally forgotten this about my “you-want-pity-please-throw-out-your lunch,” I was brainwashed and obedient until my parents pointed out what she was doing, so I got mad at her in public while dumping her. Of course, this set off some Neanderthal high school boys by calling me a “lesbian” for being a girl and getting angry.

The Neanderthal who did this was proud of himself but I gave him shit. I go to great lengths to give people shit. A girl getting angry is not necessarily a bad thing. Women get angry because we have feelings, real feelings, and sometimes it is necessary to get pissed off. It is okay to express a full range of emotion. Some people seem to impose a “never get angry” rule to women because they don’t know any better, that women are human too and the equal to men, some of whom would not submit.

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