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My Non-Profit: First Steps

November 11, 2018

I need to visit Grace Community Center, as well as Zephyr, all local mental health communities in town. I also have to see YWCA to get the word out. The shelter doubles as a community center as well, for people with disabilities and chronic illness who need a safe place to work remotely or to stay. I envision beds within cubicles or maybe partitions. We also need to set up Skype-enabled computers so we can keep in touch with other centers. In Los Angeles, I’d buy myself a mansion close to UCLA with a pool. I’d rather not maintain a lawn but instead, I would make it a desert landscape.

My non-profit needs a business plan first and foremost, which I have actually blown off working on lately. I need to finish this business plan. I haven’t gotten some of the deadlines because I’ve been busy cleaning the house since my family is coming back. I’m going to have to play catch up this entire week if I can help it. I may be at the library during those times just because I can focus better. I need to hurry up with my healing knee so that I can get more done with my life.

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