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Why I Wanted To Play Football in High School

November 12, 2018

I was an extreme athlete in high school but didn’t get physical therapy to speak of until college. My athleticism lasted through junior college. At State, I’d swim. In San Francisco, even if it is an indoor pool, swimming was still rather difficult on my body since I’m sensitive to cold temperatures. I adapted to the city but there is a reason why I want to go to UCLA, simply because the weather is warmer than it’s San Franciscan counterpart. I wanted to be a football player despite my size and the fact that men run American football still.

Yes, I’m interested in football and other rough sports. I’m just rough like that. I wanted to try kickboxing when my knee dislocated and my tibia fractured. I wanted to get into MMA when my tibia blew. Hell, I mean I still want that but I need my knee back. Hell, I wanted to play football. That was my chosen sport. My family didn’t like it at all. But I’m still interested in women’s football if there is such a thing. I’d love to get into football if I could despite the risk.

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