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November 14, 2018

I’ve studied both Kenpo at United Studios of Self Defense and Tae Kwon Do at the YMCA. Kenpo was about katas and tae kwon is mostly about kicks. I recall jumping up as high as I stand tall, which is four feet ten inches. If I wasn’t out with my knee injury, I’d be studying tae kwon do. Jumping up high is helpful when I need to get something off a high shelf which normally I can bend my knees for but at the San Jose State café I did need help getting my Gatorade. Thanks.

Kenpo is about a straight line attack. It means somebody attacks you full-frontal so that you can fight back directly to their face ( In Kenpo you strike first, and think about grappling movements later. Kenpo is known for multiple strikes where you have to think about how to hit your opponent. Kenpo is all about hitting the nose, face, neck, stomach, groin and floating ribs. I did learn kenpo blocks in my old kenpo school though, which is why this article cited above is confusing me. I barely remember the kenpo I learned but in my tae kwon do class, I remember being told I was using a kenpo stance once. Taekwondo emphasizes jump kicks. In Kenpo I learned a spin kick for all my troubles.

I generally try to stay in martial arts class without thinking about getting an injury. But my current knee injury happened in yoga, not in martial arts class. It happened at the YMCA, two years ago. I do hope that the martial arts schools who eventually get wind of my blog can understand that I want to continue my pursuit of multiple martial arts studies. I have had a life- long interest in self-defense since my sophomore year of high school.

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