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Yoga Injuries

November 19, 2018

Yoga is a fabulous discipline. It helps you shake anxiety but it can also injure you. I injured myself in yoga class one day, and this injury was a bad one. I dislocated my entire kneecap, which stayed bent, also in progress, fracturing a portion of my tibia in my knee. This is a shitty injury since I have spent two years trying to recover from a very stiff knee that my conscious mind keeps stiff. If I’m knocked out with anesthesia, it seems fine but my awakened mind keeps my knee stiff. This is a wacky problem I need a hypnotherapist to sort out.

You have to be wary of wrist injuries with downward facing dog, for example. Yoga can help me shove my anxiety deep into my brain. It is nowhere to be found. Yoga can cause lower back pain as well as knee injuries. Sometimes, to do a twist and not throw your back out, you have to be careful and do it slowly. Shoulders and elbows could also be injured by not doing a vines pose well. Yoga is not all great since I already have meniscus tears that could be aggravated. I’m naturally pigeon toed. What set off my entire injury was pivoting my foot the wrong way.

If you do not have a properly aligned pose, your hamstrings are screwed over. I did sprain my right thigh recently by having to bed over in order to clean up my house. Pressure on your neck can be caused by a shoulder stand, or headstand. Don’t do yoga if some position or another doesn’t feel good. Chair yoga is perfectly acceptable as a yoga form. Just be really careful with yoga in general because you do not want to be injured, take it from me, injuries suck.

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