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Metaphysical Ways of Avoiding Illness

November 25, 2018

Besides using the obvious method of washing your hands, there are quite a few ways of not getting ill from using psychic shielding to keep invading germs out. Colds help release pent-up emotions. Yes, my current cold is a cause of having stress from my family coming back from Europe. Upper respiratory illness, per Louise Hay is about mental confusion, disorder and small hurts. Sinus problems are about somebody being annoyed at someone, holding in their angry words. Colds give you a need to heal yourself. Supposed mental factors can be saying to yourself “I never get sick” or in my case “I never get sick because I live by myself.” I use elderberry syrup to prevent myself from getting ill.

I also try to rip the astral bodies of the germs out of my chest using energy. This is one method that can also work on other people. My cold this week didn’t hit me that hard. I’m actually feeling a lot better now. I focus on using Usui Reiki to heal myself using the first and second symbols. I have managed to heal this cold faster than usual with energy medicine as well as using Alka-Seltzer cold, the fizzy one without the color in it. Never use energy medicine at the expense of western medicine.

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