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November 26, 2018

I have every clair there is. This talent can be exhausting to deal with. I get visions of what could be. I take action based on those visions. For example, I could see something violent in my head, but then not take that street to that location that I saw. Clairvoyance is also called the second sight. Clairvoyance is a term that means “clear seeing.” You get many visualize including but not limited to, symbols, the aura, and shadows that seem to float in the air. I’m not a symbols person,, and I get to see auras though.

There are glitters and flashing lights in the air. You actually also see movement and twinkling lights out of the corners of your eyes, while mental images can flash before your eyes, and well, when I have visions, this is the way they happen. You have visualization easy when you can see places or people in your head. I even have the full names of my sister’s mother’s coming from somewhere inside my head that I picked up on. I have to go to the courthouse to find their birth certificate somewhere as their father’s name might not be on it. They may not have an internet presence because they want to keep themselves low-profile for the moment.

It would seem like there is a movie inside your head. Yes, I can daydream easily, with solid visualization making a scene real inside my head. We clairvoyants do have a good sense of direction as I do have that, since I can read maps very well. I’m not always into visual jobs like landscaping although I’m a writer who trends in writing down words corresponding to visual images. I’m getting myself into painting to see what I can accomplish in that field. My entrepreneurship comes from being able to visualize how I want to write a business plan. I meditate when I feel well enough to, and I visualize more than I meditate. My third eye chakra is open already, but I need to shut it every day or I risk being overwhelmed by sensory input.

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