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How to See Auras

November 28, 2018

How to See Auras

In order to see an aura, you have to shift your vision. It’s actually an easy skill to learn without much effort on the part of a non-magickal or non-psychic person who wants to learn psychic things. To see an aura, you have to feel the energy first. When the sun goes down, this helps you see an aura because sunlight makes it more confusing. A white wall also helps. Having a gut-wrenching reaction to somebody’s aura, sometimes means that you will feel intense no matter what you do to deny it. Trust your gut. If something, a location, a someone, or more makes you feel bad, you need to avoid it. I had gotten into a Guard Card class. When I got to that location, I felt uneasy. I immediately felt wound up and had a vision of an atomic bomb blast. I was like, hey whatever, and I went to see who was running the class.

If that was hard, his aura and energy were wacky because he yelled at me for being late first thing. He was singling me out for being picked on because he let the Asian guy who was late in first. I should have taken that as the signal to get the hell out of there, but I didn’t. To see his aura made me sick. I mean I went to the classroom thinking, okay, he yelled at me to start introductions. I got out that I had a B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State and he plainly yelled at me to leave. He threw me out for no good reason as HE was agitated, stressed and plainly not right in the head as my employment counselor mentioned. Wow, terrifying to experience this crap in 90 degree heat, May of 2016. I had to process this experience months after, realizing whose fault it was for losing their emotional control, which is a professional behavior requirement. This creep’s aura was disgusting. Plain flat out, sickening. He had ill will. Lots of ill will. I will never again wander into an unsafe situation if I see another atom bomb image. That is a sign to walk away from a situation, not looking back. It was a pick on the disabled person free for all sort of situation. I have every right to make an exit. So glad I didn’t have to put up with his irrational shit for that class. I’d rather pay for my guard card.

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