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My Own Definitions of Auras

December 1, 2018

These days, compared to when I was in high school and didn’t know anything about my abilities, I have amassed resources. I have many books that have taught me many different things. I almost have a grasp that my abilities are real and exist hand-in-hand with my mental illness. Now that I have a better understanding of what schizophrenia is, I can deal with it. The human energy field can be visible with the eyes but in a dimension separate from ours which the brain perceives via the eyes as a receptor. This is why you start looking at somebody’s aura using a white wall.

I take a pink energy field to mean that somebody likes me, is kind, as well as sensitive. Red energy is someone with vitality, strength, courage, energy, or conversely, anger if the red is dark. Gold is equal to power, Gold is about sudden necessary change, and gold, according to Cyndi Dale is about “God power” that transforms although I take gold to mean that somebody is a practicing psychic, or occult magick practitioner who is deliberately using that color. White, I take to mean either a drug addict or somebody innocent who doesn’t like hurting other people. Pale colors mean that person is lacking something. Dark colors are about abusive behavior, violence, anger, neediness, or just plain dysfunction. Yellow to me is about successful intellectual function. Green in someone’s aura means that they are a calm person with the ability to sooth other people’s pain. Blue is about somebody who is a gifted healer, and is a color I see around doctors often. Purple reminds me of the color reserved for royalty in ancient times, and I see purple as a sign of someone in authority. Silver is used in somebody’s psychic shields. Gray means somebody is ill with something or is hiding their energy from those who would spot it. Black is a color that means somebody is evil, oppressive, rank, foul, and lacking in good qualities although black can be protective.

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Dale, Cyndi. Energetic Boundaries: How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life.

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