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Anybody Can Use Magick

December 2, 2018

Aleister Crowley proposed: “Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.” While I maintain a curiosity about every magickal path there is, I keep my distance from some while learning about it as something I want to understand if only to be able to interact with people different from me. I’m not exactly a black magic sort but I am interested in what he brought to the magickal world. He was the founder of modern Wicca among other things. He’s still a controversial figure in the occult community besides.

The definition of magick he proposes is the science and art, of causing change to occur with your will. He believed in the will’s ability to affect reality. When I sprouted my telekinesis in front of my psychiatrist, I thought, wow, just amazing. How the hell did that even work? I thought it was fictional nonsense. Then it worked. I was floored. I mean, flabbergasted. Me? Able to do that? I changed reality with my will. I pushed a black tourmaline an inch almost. That terrified me into reality.

Reality is defined differently for everybody. In particular, Crowely, the drug addict himself. In modern times, drug addicts are not necessarily tolerated by the pagan community as there are pagan twelve step groups out there, only in our community we use the thirteen-step format. Drugs do not help the energy flow with regard to using magick. Being a marijuana user doesn’t help either. I was inhaling second hand smoke without realizing the effect it was having on me. Being able to influence reality is a huge task. It is one that must be taken on delicately. Influencing the weather, for example, has an effect on an ecosystem.

Influencing energy is another task altogether, which is the foundation of what Crowley is trying to get at. Conformity with the will is something that everybody can do if they try. Everybody can do what I can do, because they just have to learn it. It has to be taught to them. Every psychic talent can be taught to anybody, even skeptics. Changing reality is possible by making choices, as ordinary people understand their ability to change reality comes from a choice to do so. Ordinary people know they have choices, and that the money system gives them power and control over their choices.

Sometimes society has us so brainwashed to spend money, we have no idea just how many choices we have available to us. Having a choice is part of magickal practice, since choosing how you conform your will to create a change in reality. Will is stronger than anything you can imagine. It is will that helps drug addicts quit their drug use or alcoholics stop drinking. Strength of will is something we pagans, and occult practitioners are interested in. Everybody has an ability to change reality with your will when you own your power.

Owning your power means that you can actually do well with having a way to make a change. Most normal people do not grasp the power they have and pagans find the Secret too easy since it has to do with visualization and yet that is a cornerstone of magickal practice. So in conclusion, even ordinary people have an ability to change their thoughts to that, which is positive. They are able to control their reality a fraction more than they assume they can. Magick is available to everybody, regardless of who you are. It can be used by anybody really, because it has to do with energy, that is the currency we trade when using this skill.

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