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How to Bend a Spoon or Fork

December 3, 2018

To be frank, anybody can bend a spoon or fork. All you have to do is focus your energy into running through your crown to your hand. The spoon bends in your hand. Sometimes this ability turns on when I have a life-or-death panic attack fear. All I grew up with knowing was a constant fear. I didn’t know that life could be lived without fear. I had to face my fear daily in order to function at all. I still feel afraid only it is more manageable since I’m on medication. Life or death fear triggers my psychokinesis, a term shortened to PK.

My family will not be seeing me at Thanksgiving until people get medication for people. That is plain flat out the way it is. So the thing is, my medication is one of the few ways I have to control my power as I lack proper training in many psychic arts although I get my training from Greyschoolfor the most part. I know I need more paid training that takes into account my schizophrenia without those idiots giving me shit about taking medication. That is part of why this blog exists because Goddess forbid I talk about mental illness in public or even how it affects me? Would it get other people to think about treatment options?

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