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The Racism Mixed People Get

December 4, 2018

I’m a person of color since I tan olive but see, I’m taken for white half the time anyway. According to the real race genetic test my family got I’m half 99.9% Caucasian, as well as half Middle Eastern of Chilean descent. I’m 1% Jewish, 1% South American Native also. You see, white people sometimes assume that we “Latins” are all Mexican when that is not the case. So, the proper term for us is Hispanic or Latino, not “Latin,” and it shows profound ignorance when somebody uses the term “Latin.” Gee, hmm, I wonder why that makes you uncomfortable.

I luv catching people at covert racism as my teacher once asked me if my Dad is Mexican, lolz. That was so bizarre but funny. It makes for good comedic material. But hey, I can walk into many an ethnic enclave and not be mistaken for white. Therefore, my white friends can hang out with me. I also have black friends, because I know how to talk to all types of people. In Spain, I’m seen as a half-breed, constantly being reminded that my dad is Chilean. Really, that racism that narcissists fail to look at is why I do not live in Spain.

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