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How I Need to Improve My Stress Management Skills

December 5, 2018

I’m working on stress management this year, all of it. I am worried about the way I manage stress. Art may be a cure for this, give or take the fact that I have to paint, color, or draw to get rid of my stress. I have somewhat successfully learned to manage my stress. I look forward to occupational therapy coming back this year, as I got into the class late in the year anyhow. I appreciate the fact that I’m able to have someone to talk to around when I do go to therapy.

I’m busy trying to keep my head above water while working on my writing projects, and my jobs if I should get them. I’m wondering if I’m able to manage stress better by working on it with a Ph.D. therapist though. I really am wondering about improving my stress levels by various means including breathwork and meditation. Or even muscle relaxation. I have used autogenics in the past, as it is a technique that can reduce anxiety. You just say stuff like “My arm is getting warm and heavy now,” and that helps you relax consciously while giving your body commands to do so. Autogenics besides other ways of relaxing really does work if you give it a chance.

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