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Why I Can Get Better at Stress Management

December 6, 2018

I suck at stress because when I was a baby, I didn’t learn how to be safe in all environments, hence why I have anxiety today. I’ve worked on making myself feel safe for many years by now. I’m trying very hard. Stress management has to work on schizophrenia, bipolar 1 rapid cycling, OCD, C-PTSD, and anxiety in every sense. Sure, I don’t feel my symptoms as much as I did while growing up with no medication at all to treat my problems, but my palms are such that they do not sweat anymore.

Stress management is a skill rooted in breathing properly, meditation, or grounding and centering. Stress management actually does work sooner or later though by making you look at what you are grateful for among other things. You have to be able to take feedback from others, which can also cause stress. Constructive criticism is different from destructive criticism that is unrelenting, without stopping. Criticism can be mean so it is best to manage stress by staying away from or learning to ignore the mean brand of criticism. Anxiety can be a pervasive feeling of oncoming doom. Many of us who have this, understand why anxiety can do this to you. There are many ways of treating this wide-spread mental health problem though.

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