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How to Read Tarot Cards

December 7, 2018

Each tarot cards have a specific meaning to them because the sword suite is about conflict for example while cups is about emotional issues and relationships. The suit of Pentacles is about money, and wands correspond to the element of air while cups are water, Pentacles represent the earth, even as swords are corresponding to fire. When you pick up a Queen, King, Prince or Princess as in the Truth Seeker’s Tarot deck, you are able to know that represents a person in your life. I’m not into selecting a card meaning somebody is blond or has dark hair.

I’m into the card’s meaning, bottom line. I also help my client figure out the meaning on their own, since it’s your reading with your choice of how to lay out the cards. I sometimes decipher things for you, but you are on your own. Tarot cards are easy to read when you pick up a gut instinct for reading them. What does the sword card really mean about your potential mother in-law? Every time I drew that card, it was saying something about her conflict-driven behavior. So eventually I just stuck it out on my own, because I felt that marrying into that was useless. I’m better off by myself and lonely than with somebody whose family doesn’t understand me.


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