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December 8, 2018

My Tarot paper for Tarot 201 submitted in February 2012 was not complete. I do not feel I deserve 100 since I was trying to look over my entire Tarot deck, specifically known as the Truth-Seeker’s Tarot. I feel that my grade should not be 100% but 90% for the paper being incomplete. It would be nice if your people look into this to lower my grade. I do not deserve 100 for the paper that ended in the cups suite. I want to contest my grade with that said. I feel that I need a lower grade for this class, even if everything is said and done.

I used to have a complete paper on my USB drive but I don’t know what happened to the file. The saved file on your website is riddled with HTML markings such as . I had to fix it up but then I realized the paper is incomplete. I have to finish writing it if I can have the opportunity. I know my work is sealed for that class and I passed but I feel the need to finish this entire paper. Thanks for giving me a grade, but this paper is not officially finished


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