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Psychic Training Programs

December 10, 2018

I have ideas on how to create training programs for psychics with mental illnesses, so if you already have a program and want to work with me on this project, feel free to contact me using my email. Many people in that community fear taking medication because other people will stigmatize them. I’m working on reducing the stigma I encounter. When people tell me to not take my medication, I find this frustrating. This is why my Facebook page has that warning for anti-Western medicine people. I have to keep myself safe from those lunatics. This is why my blog exists along with my Vocal Media writing. I’m avoidant of psychic development groups for this reason. I avoid Meetup groups right now for similar reasons.

The fact is, I have schizophrenia, I need a training program geared towards that since there are no resources for those of us who have a mental illness. Eventually, initiation permitting, I’d love to start a coven for those on medication in which only those on medication are allowed to join. Yes, this is an idea in my head, an actual idea. I feel that I have much work to do on my mental health though until I reach that point. I’m busy with many different writing projects. Today is a stay home all day sort of day because I don’t have to go shopping, and I don’t have an appointment. I’m just overall mellow and taking it easy since my strips are ready on the 18th of this month.

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