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Constant Fear

December 12, 2018

My life is no longer about constant, extreme fear. Sure that’s what it used to be about, but these days, it is mostly about being mellow and overcoming the intense fear. I used to have to stare down the fear daily while in school. My whole freshman year was about bullies making fun of me feeling suicidal,  telling me how to kill myself properly. I had to resist suicidal impulses without medication. I was angry daily, at the bullies in my Spanish class who would cat-call my name. This is why I feel my old school owes me money. It might be a great way to raise money while knocking on their door.

I’m also thinking about how to raise money for my non-profit this way. But see, I wish to use my own income working on the non-profit, as I need donations. I was wondering how to get those donations from corporate and celebrity sponsors if possible. My non-profit seeks to get disabled people or chronically ill folks jobs. Sometimes, it is hard to find a job with a chronic illness, which is why people find their way to SSI and Medical. At least my parents have been gone twelve days give or take when the door hit their ass on the way out.

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