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C-PTSD and Past Life PTSD

December 13, 2018
I have C-PTSD, which has many layers to it more than just all my non-stop trauma in this lifetime. C-PTSD among my other illnesses can be something that could land me in the psych ward if I am not careful about how I manage my feelings as well as how I take my medication. C-PTSD is when you have trauma that lasts more than a random event, a lifetime of trauma that is. My life and every other past life has been about extreme trauma, bullying, and not to mention my entire community turning against me. Having real memories of being someone else who was burnt at the stake in nearly every past life is hard to carry around with you and not feel anything about it even if who I was is divorced from who I am now. The weight of C-PTSD for my present life is also intense to carry around. I often wonder if I can stand more of this. I’m in pain from a lot of things right now, but some stuff is actually getting better. I’m working on my goals to be stable with my blood sugars. I’m working very hard. So I need a therapist for my C-PTSD and I will go back to occupational therapy next semester.
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