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Clear Vision

December 14, 2018
Clear vision is a type of psychic vision, also called clairvoyance. As I’m high in every psychic talent imaginable, I have this ability as well. Clairvoyance, according to Sanders, comes from the third eye or the pineal gland. This is what gives the person who has the ability to see things in the form of visions. This ability is also referred to as the Second Sight. People who have this ability are sometimes called seers. Images in your head are clairvoyant impressions. I get images all the time. I can clairvoyantly see people making suicide attempts in my head, as in, the moment they jump in front of a car. Never do that if you are somebody I consider a friend because that causes me intense stress. I was wise in dumping somebody whom I actually “saw “ doing this while I was in an entirely different location. I managed to call her up to tell her that she had better not pull this shit again if she expected to stay friends with me. For an introductory piece on what clairvoyance actually is, I’m able to say that Sanders writes there are many different kinds of clairvoyance, in fact, there are “all four types of clairvoyance”(126). The thing is, I can use all four types of clairvoyance, such as the ability to see symbols, visual mental memory that comes from the past, the literal visual image (which for me once took the form of hitting the garage wall right after I said to myself, yeah right). The promotional vision is seeing the future, which I was using while my parents were visiting me. This is what prompted me to lock up the knives. Tee hee. But anyway, yes, I have multiple clairvoyant talents, all of that have an effect of making me paranoid.

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