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Clear Feeling Sucks

December 15, 2018

Clear feeling sucks. I will say it again, I complain about this ability because it causes me literal physical pain. My mind and body ache just thinking about this particular ditty of a skill. Crowds exhaust me no matter where I go. I suppose I give my energy away too much. I’m trying to learn not to be a bleeding heart healer. Oh, my heart weeps for the suffering. Really, now, I can’t fix everybody. I have way too much sympathy for idiots, and I need to stop doing this. I need to find some naturopath out there who can help me fix my feeling of exhaustion when I do go out. Hell, I am trying to sleep 11 hours a night but I still feel tired from nocturnal waking up at night to check my blood sugar, which is an endless task I’m almost succeeding at having perfect diabetes about.

My solar plexus, according to Sanders, functions as an antenna. My body aches are from the constant input that is without my knee injury notwithstanding. Chakras are energy centers. Many human cultures believe in this stuff. I don’t necessarily know why. Or if I believe in it but if it is a fact of energetic anatomy, I can still derive bemusement from people who do believe in it. Psychic feeling is all about, well, feeling. Feelings, nothing more than feelings. It is one ability that drives me endlessly crazy with the feeling stuff. I ooze feeling for others. At my spiritualist church, I was able to do psychometry right off the bat during my blue eyeshadow days. Now thatI’m on proper medication, blue eyeshadow is something I can apply correctly. I’m very tempted to buy some.

Never lie to a feeler or upset them because they assume itis direct at themselves. I have had job situations where I’m feeling not needed. Or valuable. Yes, feelings are what makes me an empath. I can’t deny that. Empathy and schizophrenia are a hellish combination to live with though. Somehow, I have learned detachment through my meditation studies. I try to detach from cravings, for example. I’m not necessarily a people person, I try not to make small talk with people because I feel everything they are hiding, feeling, or trying not to say. I don’t want to develop an arrogance complex,i.e. an ability to throw things in people’s faces that they are hiding. Yes, this ability aggravates me. I get frustrated. I get pissed at it. This is why I need martial arts once a week to twice a week just to not be a bitch.

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