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Clear Hearing

December 16, 2018

Psychic hearing is not like psychic feeling. It is about knowing what you hear, in particular, a voice. Since I have schizophrenia, that means I’m often not sure which voice is the illness, paranoia or actual intuition. Yes, schizophrenia provides endless barrels of crazy laughs. My voices do not always occur when a loved one is involved. Clairaudience is one talent of mine that makes me absolutely batty. I mean, seriously, hearing people’s thoughts verbally makes me want to lose it. I get anxious. Fortunately, I can now go shopping without this being a drag. Actually working outside of the house will occur when my knee injury totally heals. Then that can happen. But for now, I’m stuck with a gimpy situation.

As a skeptic, I’m high in all talents including psychic hearing, which as I’ve established, drives me crazy. I mean totally bonkers. Apparently, psychic hearing comes from above the ears. Yes, the book has a total diagram I have no idea how to paste into this blog. There are differences between the inner and outer ear hearing. Listening to background conversation is hell for me because I can hear every conversation in a room, however softspoken. In this, Smallville got it right. The inward temporal lobe area is what focuses above ear level.

Psychic hearing is about silently voicing your thoughts, as well as sitting still to get an answer. Once you yank an answer out of the silence, you can figure out how to get something done. Psychic hearing is all about figuring out the answers from that quiet voice inside your head. Now, since I have schizophrenia, I do not trust this ability as far as I could throw it. I can use this ability “ten to fifteen minutes before meeting someone”(98). I’m the sort of person who can gather intent in like that time frame, as well as throw my own first impression in their face, not limited to but including my own opinion while that first blush is on their best behavior. I can tell or read past that best behavior crap. This scared the living shit out of my roommates in Fall 2004. Yes, I scared them to death. You can hear things like your name being called before somebody actually calls you.

Sometimes psychic hearing is about getting useful “echo” answers from yourself if you could believe that. Psychic hearing is the faculty most associated with mental telepathy, and yes, this ability drives me totally crazy. Psychic hearing can be a loud thing while being the best sense for thought projection. People high in the psychic hearing, like me, can hear when people are lying to them, get keyword mantras, and can send psychic thoughts. In martial art class once, I was busy in imagining I was Xena mode and I thought I heard somebody mumble “I will be watching you Xena” as I was practicing kicking against the window but not kicking the actual window. I get massive psychic overload from this ability. I’m a doubter who does talk myself out of ESP though. I do come on very strong to people sometimes since my thoughts get loud. And this is what it is like to be high in psychic hearing.  

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