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Claircognizance – That drives me crazy too

December 18, 2018

Ahh yes, claircognizance, a very terrifying and annoying psychic ability of mine that makes me just crazy with anxiety. It means I know of an event before it happens, it just pops into my head. It is the sort of talent that works while knowing somebody is pregnant before they announce it. Or maybe I just come up with something out of my ass that nobody else thought of. Yes, it annoys the shit out of me. I just know things. Imagine working with cops being somebody who relies on factual evidence. I can’t stand just saying “Oh by the way…” etc. I just randomly came up with something in my head.

How I hate the ability to tell when I’m being lied to. I can’t stand it. I figure it out easily. Trusting your feelings involves knowing what will or will not happen. I can trust my gut quite easily but not always when my skepticism kicks into high gear and I think “oh that’s bullshit, why am I even thinking about that.” Claircognizance works well for gambling. I can tell what the roulette wheel will land in, red or black with accuracy, since I can see the future. I could easily make money gambling but I hold back. I did this in Reno once with the Ex where we both made some money as I used my TK on a machine. Granted, in school, I can guess the results of a test very quickly before I see the paper.

Automatic writing is a claircognizant thing but that’s how I write anyway. I trance channel my work/use automatic writing. This is simply the way I write. Fiction has been stalled for way too long, I need to go to more writer’s Meetups with a decent laptop in tow, and I write at home on my computer mostly so my non-fiction is less stalled. Inner knowing doesn’t explain stuff well to skeptics. Apparently, claircognizance doesn’t come from your mind, it comes from outside? It is not your own thoughts? That’s news to me. I mean all my writing is automatic writing because that’s how I write.


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