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A “Fun” Ability that drives me crazy

December 28, 2018

Since I can hear people’s thoughts, and sometimes somebody doesn’t open their mouth but it sounds like a whisper, I can hear people’s suicidal thoughts. When somebody is depressed, I try to get people to talk about it. Sometimes I’m a codependent psychic since I pester. But then again, I’ve learned to screen out noise. I have learned how to focus in my old age of 37. In high school, I felt chaotic. I didn’t feel at peace with my abilities until I found Geodon and everything changed. Broken bones aside, (medication side effect, this is good stuff to mention on my power of attorney quiz!), I feel more grounded than I’ve ever felt in my life. It is nice to not be delusional. It is even more lovely, to feel good despite my knee injury.

Yes, that knee injury sucks because I dislocated my entire kneecap and fractured my tibia in one day. I was busy being the yogi, when I pivoted my foot the wrong way. I became injured. I still have an injury to deal with but physical therapy discharged me. I’m glad it didn’t happen in martial arts class. My knee got stuck in bent. And then, after three weeks in bed, it got stuck in straight mode. I had dislocated parts of my knee a day after the original incident, twice. So yes, I was in pain for a while and I still am in pain two years later.

That, however, doesn’t distract me from my ability to read people’s thoughts because I can hear underneath their words. This is partly xenoglossy, or xenoglossia, a psychic ability that allows me to pick up on languages I can’t always acquire by learning. At the very least, I can understand people’s cues. Also, due to my need for physical therapy after my knee injury, I had to see a physical therapist. I saw an image of him pinching my butt in my head. He did so eventually, and I had decided to stick around after I saw that to see if he would. I didn’t say anything to him but I filed a complaint. Well, I found out the sexual harasser still works at the clinic, although in a different building. Gee, great, wow. Just wow. But anyway, yes, I managed to change physical therapists. I once saw somebody try to step in front of a car, so I called her up to bitch and then she tells me the car, was indeed, a blue-green car. You see, I did manage to see that in my head, I can’t always be there to stop people. I can only call or telepathically bitch at them to quit doing stupid shit. I try my best to help people but sometimes that doesn’t stop a suicidal person.

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