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What to Do With My Magick

December 29, 2018

When it comes to practicing witchcraft again, I’m a touch stalled. Sure I live by myself so I don’t have to worry about nosy roommates. I have a bunch of time to get together a real practice dealing with Sekhmet, and Ma’at as deities of choice to work with. I’m also going to deal with the Greek gods such as Zeus. I have stuff to do and things to get done these days. So yes, I want to start practicing again but I have no idea how to work on rituals. Pantheacon this year will be too intense for me to go except one or two days that I can stand. I have to take it easy the rest of the time. I to disappoint my friends but I need to take it easy when it comes to Pantheacon. I’m busy trying to find myself a work from home job because my knee injury persists and is still painful to deal with.

This is why I’m not looking for an outside the house job. I am also again, sorry to disappoint my friends with that. I’m not going to work outside of the house just yet, even if being a security guard is my lifelong dream. I have to take it easy. I don’t do rituals with candles anymore, it is just too dangerous for a schizophrenic who could burn the house down. There are actual stories about pagans burning the house down. I don’t want to become another cautionary tale or modern myth like that. I’m just trying to survive being low-income and I cannot justify making big purchases right now. I also have to protect my energy from people who would otherwise feed off of it as sometimes I imagine that people view my energy as a good Scooby-snack because of my way too-caring heart. I have to learn not to care so much.

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