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Self-healing Rituals and Examples of Psychic Work

December 30, 2018

I hardly need a spell to heal myself with although there are plenty of ways to petition Asclepius to heal you. Asclepius was considered the god of medicine b the ancient Greeks. He was the Greek God of medicine and doctors. At one point in Egyptian history, Sekhmet was the Goddess of healing as well, but back to Asclepius, who was the patron saint of the Askelpiades (Asclepiades), an ancient guild or order of doctors. He was pictured often in ancient times, as a kindly, bearded man from where the caduceus came from, because of the serpent he was holding. The caduceus is a modern medical symbol today that is used to depict an object related to medical science. Asclepius’s parents were Apollo and Coronis, his wife was Epione, and his home was Mt. Olympus. In Homer’s poems, he was mostly depicted as human. I have prayed to Asclepius so that I do not burn out as a type-1 diabetic. Every time I feel edgy or burnt out, I’m going to ask him for the strength to keep going.

I have had to use my thighs and hips to infuse, since, my belly needs a very long break as sets have come down way too often lately. Pagans believe in making offerings to various Deities. So far, the only Deity picture I have in my house is Vishnu, that a Hindu friend gave me. I need to buy myself a mini Sekhmet statue that I can have around the house. Asclepius had the gift of healing, as well as knowledge on medicinal plants and herbs, by his father. Hippocrates was Asclepius’s descendant. Asclepius can inspire me to look into cinnamon pills or inhaled insulin, among other things. I view taking my medication as a sacred act that can never be ignored, since it is my duty to stay stable. I cannot avoid this unlike some people I used to be friends with who made themselves manic and delusional deliberately. Besides, it was Asclepius who pointed me to Medical anyway.

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