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How Witchcraft Works Or Doesn’t

January 11, 2019

I’m writing this without any sources today because I want to test my own knowledge on the subject. Real witchcraft is not about perceiving glowing light every time you cast a spell. You see that on an etheric level, and feel it. Once I healed myself from a nasty boil in my mouth. I’ve had that nasty shit before. I had to treat it with salt water rinse. I’m a fucking powerful healer, damn it. I felt it in there one minute, and with a pissed off flash of warm heat, my boil disappeared on me. I have had bruises from my infusion set heal faster. Before my study of Usui Reiki, I had to heal slowly. Then I tried theta healing with a healer, and wow, that was amazing because I stayed functional without bad medication side effects or anything worse happening to me.

Blessing medication to treat side effects really does work. My benztropine helps alleviate my swollen tongue thing. I once gave a speech like that. I have learned to talk around cough drops. If you sleep well, you get less side effects. But hey, if side effects become difficult, its time to change out your medication, some people. Likewise, if you have to manifest money, not believing in the work it takes to manifest, is like disbelieving in the magick altogether. Remember, I can hear people’s thoughts. So in which case, that drives me completely bonkers. Stark raving crazy, and my medication helps me manage my anxiety over this talent. Sure, my astrology chart says I ought to be working as a professional psychic. That is quite intimidating to me but it might have to be done eventually. Witchcraft doesn’t work with hiring mangers though, because you cannot manipulate their energy into calling you. You can only use your imagination to bring you what you need. Often, magickal workings can be done without candles. Pantheacon is an exercise in not using candles at all to work some great magick. We use fake candles and we are happy with this since we can’t set off the fire alarms in the hotel.

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