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Why Curses Don’t Always Work For Me

January 13, 2019

I can’t get up enough ire, anger, or hatred to curse somebody. I mean I can bubble it up in my head, mind and body, but I do not have the wherewithal to curse. I just can’t seem to do it properly. An exorcism on the Ferengi did work though. I thought it hadn’t but I didn’t fight with them in an extreme manner the whole time they were in the States. Curses require festering rage. Somehow, I have enough compassion in my heart to not hurt somebody but to understand what they did to hurt me instead.

My kind heart does bother me to a great extent though. Sometimes I rant to myself that I curse my kind heart because I really need to be mean to somebody but can’t get myself worked up enough to that end. At least now I’ve had a schizophrenia diagnosis for 7 years since 2012. I found the right medication, and got myself stable. So the manic rages do not have much firepower anymore. I also quit drinking coffee, which triggers me into mania since coffee is a stimulant. Racing thoughts are not fun to live with when you do not take medication as I had to live with that in high school all through high school. My family (The Ferengi), simply didn’t treat me.

People who practice witchcraft think that thoughts are things. If you think, say, or do malicious things behind your friends’ back with malicious intent, your actions come back to you via the three-fold rule. If you say nasty things about somebody behind their back, this stuff can affect the person who is victimized in the form of illness. If I heal somebody too much, consequently, I could become very ill myself in the form of coma, or hard to heal flu. As it is, I’m done picking up on other people’s pain because I might have gastritis, so I have prepared for this possibility by getting library books on gut health. Talking shit about somebody in a mean way does the shit-talker more harm than good, as well as the person being spoken of. Some bullies like to harness this power over other people. This is why you have to strive to attract positive energy to your life without bringing other people down by gossiping, saying mean things, or in general, not allowing them to believe in good for themselves.

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