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How Bindings Work and How Bindings Do Not Work

January 14, 2019

Sometimes a bound person can wiggle their way out of a binding. I started showing up to AA meetings and somebody also pagan bound me. I caught up with her at the last Pantheacon, where she was in the bathroom and as I left, I said “I know what you did,” which means that I really did know what she had done. Bindings keep somebody from doing harm, but that person could easily decide to harm you anyway. Harm is relative but coming from a narcissistic person, they mean you genuine ill will, which is why protection spells are necessary to cast so as to keep them away from you.

Magick is the tool of the oppressed. Witchcraft is a delicate instrument though because it means that you are playing with energetic fire. Candles can burn the house down. There are many ways to cast a spell without using candles. Pantheacon is an exercise in casting spells, running energy, and focusing magick. Once many start practicing witchcraft, those types do not always go back to Christianity if you know where your preternatural and eternal strength come from. The power is deep inside of you, and it comes out when courage to stand up to oppression arises. I did have a friend help me wriggle out of the binding somebody had bound me with. I needed help with my alcoholism, which is why I was attending AA, something the Ferengi would never do. My family is just not into abstinence of alcohol. I got myself in there because I wanted to go to school but had to treat my schizoaffective first.

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