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How Somebody Else Can Take Away Divine Protection from Ill Will Alone

January 16, 2019

You see, my Ex-friend pissed off every deity on Earth by not taking her medication consistently. She not only pissed off the gods, she pissed me off too. This is something I never intend to do for myself ever, period. Why? Because the Ferengi would love that, that’s why, the greedy, untreated assholes who want to push me over the edge deliberately. Thoughts are things, thoughts are made up of emotion. Emotion can be sent to someone else. If you are not wary of your dark thoughts when you talk shit about somebody, know that the words are affecting their energy field even from a distance.

My worst fear is not taking my medication. I would never ever make myself mirror-universe evil by choice. That’s what mania does to me, think Discovery, mirror-universe evil, just think about what that means. I am not sweetness and light all the time. I have some deep-seated rage problems I’m stuffing which is causing me a stomachache. Hell, I need to go in again. Divine protection can be snuffed out if you do something that goes against the natural order of the universe like not taking your medication consistently. I mean growing up I got constant shit for being in pain, which is why I hide myself when I’m ill. I want no one to take care of me and no one to see it.

Divine protection is a constant so long as you do right. When you mean someone harm, like throwing out my collection of moisturizers, that is deliberate. Every action intended to harm someone is deliberate. If someone else sends ill will energy at a person, they can pick it up, ex-boyfriends’ mother. This is a fact of the way energy works. Energy is made up of thought and emotions. Emotions create thoughts and thoughts are things. At least I have medication in the now, but I felt in high school that I was a burden when I had symptoms that weren’t treated. So if you deliberately hurt someone, the Gods will punish you accordingly. You punish yourself with the negativity of your ill will.

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