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What Psychic Attack Is

January 17, 2019

A psychic attack is a deliberate launching of negative energy. It is somebody else trying to stick their demonic finger inside your head from the outside to the inside. It is an excuse to pump you full of lies about yourself. You start fearing your own brain. For a schizophrenic person, a psychic attack is all about hallucinating or having delusions. Psychic attack can turn lethal if you wind up feeling your heart is going to beat out of your chest from panic attack-like sensations. Psychic attack is an ugly thing to do to somebody because if you read my last blog post, thoughts are things.

An innocent person cannot be cursed because they are innocent. A guilty person can be more affected by a psychic attack. If the source of psychic attack is demonic activity, it is merely whispers in the brain of an addled person whether or not they have schizophrenia. A person with ill will deliberately uses malicious language. They know very well how that word can affect the victim’s energy field. Demons love talking to people’s subconscious to make them depressed. They come up with horrible things to say about you. This is why a psychic must have decent psychic boundaries.

Psychic attack can hurt somebody physically by causing pain in their bodies. Psychosomatic stress illness can be brought on by high stress in the body, since stress is linked to emotions. Thoughts are things, thoughts can hurt people. Some people are not dumb about this. They deliberately go for maximum injury since they know that their words can hurt somebody’s precious feelings. Hurting people’s feelings on a regular basis is not necessarily good for the person causing the stress or the person being bullied. You see, actual bullies go for maximum carnage. So don’t fall prey to deliberateness since it is 100% on purpose. Assholes know how to use it or lose it.

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