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How Psychic Energy Manipulation Works

January 18, 2019

To be manipulative requires an ability to know how people will react to your attempts to get a reaction. Manipulative people want to manipulate you because they want the power of your reaction. Psychic energy manipulation adds a new component to the act of manipulation, the psychic person is manipulating people’s energy on an energetic and social level. Certain people once asked a pharmacist for a dose of my medication. That pharmacy tech must have lost his job on the spot. Eventually certain people learned to butt out of my pharmaceutical business. Psychic energy manipulation is a thing, a real ability.

This is when I first realized what I can do, the incident with the pharmacy people where I used to live, and how I’ve inherited this ability from my family only I use it for good, to keep people from engaging in bad habits. It is not okay to enjoy one cigarette, because those cigarettes could kill you. You will pay later, in lung damage, brain damage, and physiological addiction. How my family can manipulate their own physicians, I’m a bit confused on but I have to tell them what was done to them unnecessarily.

I refrain from using my abilities this way but I mess with bullies using it or losing it. Use it or lose it applies to most psychic talent anyway. I have repressed very deeply my ability to finish people’s sentences or to know what they are going to tell me. Manipulative people thrive on getting the responses they crave. They say to do things that goes against your better judgment. They love getting you to sink into your bad habits. They just love doing what they do. Master manipulators crave the chase. They love messing with your head so it is best to stay away from them, to not let them worm their way back into your life.

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