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Star Trek Nemesis in Real Life

January 20, 2019

Okay, so psychic links go both ways, and the Ex was wondering wtf why he saw my parent’s face in mine when we had sex. I’m dead serious in that this stuff is real shit. I’m not kidding around. It goes both ways, so this is as specific as I want to get with this. Psychic links work the same exact way they do in fiction. I didn’t know how to explain this perverted reality but hey, I figured out to use Star Trek Nemesis to do it.

This is why I do not want to be in any sort of relationship right now. If only because I want to stay single, heal myself, work on myself, and work on my C-PTSD since my childhood was one long, non-stop trauma-fest. I am now more or less free of chronic trauma. I had to dump two of my friends in order to get to where I am today. My life was so stressful as a child, I had no breaks. I didn’t even get a gap year for college. I was forced to go to junior college while ill with hypothyroidism that wasn’t treated until I was 20. Menstrual cycles from hell ran my whole existence back then, and so did my caffeine addiction, which is real, that I’ve studied in myself and others. I had a teacher at work 2 future who was an addict, and her moods were severely messed with before she had her coffee in the morning. I want to eventually set up resources to help people with caffeine addiction. Caffeine can set off mania in normal people, what does it do to bipolars. I’m a very sensitive psychic, I had to stop using caffeine to keep my psychic talent off or stable, or more like without running amok.

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