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How to Trust Your Feelings

January 21, 2019

Remember in Return of the Jedi how Luke Skywalker is taught by Obi-Wan Kenobi to trust his feelings at the last possible minute? Well, real life for psychic people can be like that. You see, I don’t always trust my feelings because of my skepticism. I got to a security company I had an interview with one very hot May morning in 2016. I saw an atomic bomb blast in my mind, with a flash of light emanating from the office while I was in the garage. I’m flashbacking with C-PTSD as I write this but the thing is, that the person who I met at the company didn’t let me in right away but he let the Asian male who was waiting in immediately. He practically yelled at me in an unprofessional way. I succeeded at badgering him into being let in, but the thing is, I had to see what the guard card class was about as it was free.

I’d rather pay for my own guard card class than put up with toxic bullshit from somebody I don’t even know. I can figure out narcissists in 0-60. I get paranoid around one so I know the manager at this company was one. I complained about his behavior, which was to kick me out of the meeting after I noticed him practically falling asleep, wheezing, sighing, and almost getting randy. I suppose I was too good-looking for him, and that being the reason why he kicked me out. I called my employment counselor at the time who did tell me she felt he wasn’t right in the head, and I agreed with her. If I have a bad feeling about anything, I’m going to trust my instincts on that in order to make sure that I can get away from the situation rather than stay put and deal with emotional abuse.

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