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Trusting your Gut

January 22, 2019

Sometimes your gut can be likened to your second brain. I get nauseated around high aggression. I mean, I might panic to the point where I really do pass out if I have to deal with anybody aggressive. This is why I try to dump or stay away from people with aggression problems since it makes me sick. I mean I get nauseated and I might black out. I have only passed out twice in my life. Once was in Chile from overdosing on insulin because the Ferengi were yelling at me to. The other was blacking out at my local Target.

I managed to pass out with my hands flat on the floor. I lost consciousness briefly but there was no need to call 911. In fact, I was out of body when this happened. I was carrying around a basket. I had been higher than 181 which is what my blood sugar was when I tripped. I could have damaged my already damaged knee or my pump. I’m very careful when I walk because of my knee injury. I have made a career out of trusting my gut instincts. I mean I have the skill of someone much older than me when it comes to the psychic things.

Claircognizance can be a real bitch. It means you get instant insight. I for example, figured out that a security guard I know had a firearms license. I was looking at a gun catalog, when that knowledge popped into my head unannounced. I mean I could make money off of these abilities alone. But hey, I’m lazy, and I need to get this blog together so that I can make money or use a Wix website, since I feel I have to make something good happen about my financial situation.

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